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Szürke Puli Veterinary Center

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Welcome to our website!

Dr Nándor Tombácz veterinarian

+3630 927 6518

Our services at the veterinary practice include:

general checkups, physical and clinical examinations, consultations (allergy and lab tests, eye examinations, ECG, X-ray, ultrasound diagnostics, dermatological examinations); surgical care (neutering, soft tissue surgery); vaccinations, antiparasitic treatments and prevention; internal medical and obstetrical examinations, dental treatment and prophylaxis; travel support, pet passport, microchip implantation.

Products and services we provide at the pet pharmacy include:

pharmaceuticals and medicinal products authorized for distribution to small and farm animals; veterinary prescription redemption; drugs, vaccines; vitamins, feed supplements, performance enhancers; medicinal and dietary feeds for animals.

Some of the products available in our pet-shop:

quality pet foods, treats, sweets, toys, pet equipment, pet beds, training equipment, transport containers, cages.


Monday-Friday: 9:00 - 12:00, 14:00 - 17:00

Saturday: 9:00 - 12:00

Surgery Hours (practice is closed): weekdays 12:00 -14:00

Appointments are not required, but recommended.

During Winter Time (27/10-29/03)

we’re only open till 5pm.